Alexandra Hampton


My yoga journey began in 2001, at the age of 16, when my aunt brought me to yoga to help me cope with teenage angst and over-achievement. My practice truly blossomed in 2007 when I deepened my practice at the Sivananda Yoga Vendata Centre in Tamil Nadu, India during my senior year of college. There, I discovered that it is possible to find peace even amidst chaos. When I returned to Washington, DC to finish school and begin my career, the yoga studio became my sanctuary. I knew I wanted to become a yoga teacher and eventually own my own studio. Yet, after suffering a neck injury at the hands of a yoga instructor in 2009, my practice came to a halt. The sanctuary that had kept me balanced and grounded no longer felt safe.

After four years of physical therapy and working toward living a pain-free life, I finally felt ready to re-enter the fitness world and found Barre pilates. I was hooked by Barre's low-impact exercises and energy! After practicing for two years, I surprised myself by becoming a Barre instructor in 2015. Becoming a teacher helped me to regain the confidence, trust and physical strength needed to re-immerse myself in yoga. I soon fulfilled my long-time dream of completing my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Santosha Yoga Institute in Bali, Indonesia.

At the same time, paddle boarding had been one of the only activities I felt safe and comfortable with during my recovery. It also provided a sanctuary in nature that gave me a sense of peace and calm. After four years of working as a paddle boarding instructor, it felt only natural to combine my love of yoga and movement with my passion for being out on the water. In 2016, I began offering Paddle Board Yoga and Pilates classes with Portsmouth Paddle Co.

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am launching SEAVASANA LLC. In light of my own past experience, I am particularly committed to a safe yoga practice with attention to individual alignment, needs and goals. My aim is to carry this commitment to SEAVASANA’s Paddle Board Fitness program, which is why we offer various levels of courses and classes aimed at developing a solid foundation to build upon. My hope is for you to experience the benefits that practicing yoga and immersing yourself in nature can bring into your life! Namaste.