Harness the qualities of the sea to enhance your life.

Increase focus. Develop balance. Activate new muscles. Deepen your mindfulness.

Our philosophy.

We believe it is important to balance our task-oriented, active lifestyles with time to stop and listen to the waves crashing on the beach. We focus on the more subtle aspects of yoga that cultivate a mind-body connection, improve flexibility and mobility, reduce stress, and develop strength from the inside-out. Improved wellbeing is the result of integrating new tools into your daily routine in a sustainable way, and real change in health and wellness requires a commitment to take things one stroke at a time.



Pronounced :: sea-vAA-sA-nAA

The term SEAVASANA combines sea and 'savasana' - the ultimate yoga pose. Savasana (corpse pose) aims to revive the body and mind through the act of letting go.

By practicing yoga on and by the sea we invite the benefits of nature into our daily life. Nature's ability to nurture and heal is powerful. The ocean's ebb and flow reminds us that, while conditions may change, our essence remains the same. Embracing the sea in our yoga practice cultivates presence through connecting with nature.

Join us in surrender to the sea.



We offer a supportive environment to help you discover how yoga can compliment your fitness goals and enhance your daily life. Whether you're a paddle boarder, surfer or SUP Yogi, or eager to begin your yoga journey, our classes help you access yoga's benefits for your lifestyle. Our Studio Series ensures your body and mind are prepared for Paddle Board Yoga and paddle boarding season. Our Sea Series combines yoga with paddle boarding and enables you to experience practicing on the water.

 A safe yoga practice is our highest priority.

What to expect.

Our yoga classes are grounded in the Hatha yoga tradition, which provides a well-rounded foundation for your asana practice to flourish. Hatha yoga combines breathing, stretching and strengthening in a thoughtful and even-paced manner. A solid yoga foundation is essential prior to advancing your practice on land and on the sea. If you desire to practice Paddle Board Yoga regularly, please read about our prerequisites.